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Lisa Batson Goldberg

May 2019 — Lisa Batson Goldberg, a Toronto-based luxury wallpaper and textile brand, will debut at the International Contemporary Furnishings Fair (ICFF), from May 19th - 22nd, 2019 in New York, New York. Showcasing stunning collections that embody the brand’s aspirational directive to inspire a fulfilled life through design. The Lisa Batson Goldberg booth (#381) will serve as a launchpad for the brand’s whimsical wallpapers, designed by namesake and founder, Lisa Batson Goldberg.

Batson Goldberg’s first product line is a series of wallpapers, featuring hand drawn peonies, aiming to create spaces that remind onlookers there is always the opportunity to bloom, through every time of day and every season. The ultimate purpose of the wallpaper is to inspire viewers to love themselves fiercely, share themselves boldly, create what they most want to create, dream bigger than they ever thought possible, give and receive love with an open and boundless heart, and to see the beauty and perfection in themselves and in the world.

Of the collections on display, Founder Batson Goldberg says, “It’s my hope, my dream, that these creations – infused with the energy of love, inspiration and abundance - spark joy in every space and home they inhabit.”

The collections on display at the Lisa Batson Goldberg booth (#381) include the Peony Shimmer Collection, Peony Classic Collection, Peony Magic Collection and Peony Stripe Collection. Handsketched and digitally-colored peony blooms are arranged across elegant planes, conceptualized to inspire a lush lifestyle of free-spirited happiness. Each flower across the collection was colored and shaded individually, so that every flower is entirely unique, negating the common repeat effect of patterned wallpaper.

A bit more on each collection’s design:

Peony Shimmer Collection: The bold spread of florals in the collection imbue warmth and light into every space. Made particularly magical with a luminescent mica finish, the collection’s design’s are offered in several colorways including a turquoise-based blue, Magical Awakening; a soft yet bold neutral, Beauty Becoming; a feminine array of pink tones, Everyday Miracles; bold fuschia-based floral mix, Infinite Possibilities; and elegant blush, Infinite Heart.  

Peony Classic Collection: Designed for the neutral obsessed, the Peony Classic Collection takes a more traditional approach to oversized florals with monochromatic color schemes and a matte finish. Colorways include a rich set of gray tones, Splendid Opulence; explorations in beige, Beauty Becoming; a sprightly blush, Infinite Heart; a bright gray, Inspiration Whispers; and tantalizing pink, Divine Magnificence.

Peony Magic Collection: Bringing oversized florals to new levels of lushness and whimsy, the Peony Magic Collection is set with a polished a pearl finish and vivid jewel tones. Colorways include a turquoise-based blue, Magical Awakening; a feminine array of pink tones, Everyday Miracles; bold fuschia-based floral mix, Infinite Possibilities; a midsummer’s night dream-esque floral mix, Lush Dreams; and slate-blue based palette, Enraptured Heart.

Peony Stripe Collection: Merging floral and stripe patterns together, the Peony Stripe Collection combes modern and traditional in one print with a matte finish and a streamlined look. Available colorway combinations include a gray-based neutral, Sweet Sweet Life; a blue-black tone, Colorful Soul; a blush meets white, Whimsical World; a black meets fuschia, Destiny Manifest; and a deep pink meets blush, Sacred Love.

All wallpaper collections are manufactured exclusively in the United Kingdom and made available in rolls. For purchase, both designers and consumers may customize orders through the brand’s e-commerce home base, Additional collections, along with a stunning fabric series will be available through the direct-to-consumer site in the coming months.

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