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Fermob (pronounced fair – mob) is an eco-friendly, design-driven outdoor furniture manufacturer based in France that combines the traditional skill of metalworking with technical innovation to create inspiring and colorful outdoor spaces. Gardens, public squares, restaurants, parks and hotels are awash with colorful, design inspired outdoor furniture. The United States is seeing a huge emergence in outdoor living and opportunities abound for those spaces to be made more lively with Fermob. Acquired by Bernard Reybier in 1989, Fermob has become a leading expert in outdoor space design. Focused originally on metal garden chairs and tables, its product portfolio has expanded and now offers a wide selection of furniture, accessories and lighting for both home and commercial applications. The brand made its entry into the U.S. in 1991 and has experienced continued growth in the market every year since. Fermob still works with some of the original retailers and family-owned businesses it first worked with in the late 1990’s, including Flora Grubb, The Gardener, Sea Green. Fermob prides itself on its unrivalled know-how and unwavering commitment to the highest production standards. Its Managing Director has staked the brand’s reputation on a simple commitment – bringing color into outdoor spaces. It was a bold move that has paid dividends. The brand’s creations boast their own unique style, developed through close working relationships with some of the finest talent in the design world. Fermob is an inspired and inspiring brand that is fiercely proud of its independence, and of its image of freedom and joie de vivre.

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