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Chêne de l'est

French Oak  |  New finishing Col 400 B & col 400 sd


Product family: parquet  (hardwood flooring)            

Description :

New finishing in Gamme nature :

- Col 400 B No visible brush oiled

- Col 400 SD No visible structured twice oiled

These new finishes are proposed in solid and engineered French oak hardwood flooring.

Our parquets and floors evolve ceaselessly, with these very ornamental aspects we express our technicality and our know-how.

In multilayer plywood TOP4 factory finished in +/-15,2 mm x 140 to 220 mm, lengths 1000 to 2200mm. In solid plankflooring factory finished in 14 & 21 mm x 90 to 190 mm. Lengths 400 to 1800 mm

Chêne de l’est  is certified Parquets de France, PEFC, Real wood, CE, we have the German label U, (consult us for the certified products). Chêne de l’est obtained labels A + for all the factory finishing.

The new finishes 2019 in Gamme nature are natural tones,

These colors are very actual and will transform your interior.

The tones of the new finishes 2019 are very close to the raw wood floor. Those colors will sublimate your interior

The natural color of the blades of this parquet catch the light and give the room a warm touch. Available in special choice, the knots on the floor remind that it is a natural material. No Visible smoothes and softens the decoration.  

Installation in Chevron pattern bring lots of character to the room. It gives movement and energizes the decoration while bringing an elegant, harmonious, smoothing atmosphere.


 Available in:


Thickness: 15,2 mm - widths: 140, 170, 190 and 220* mm (* 220 mm consult us limited stock)

Lengths: 1000 mm to 2 200 mm

Top layer: +/- 4 mm thick oak, multilayer plywood: birch



Can be delivered in mixed widths,

Thickness: 14 mm - widths: 70 / 90 / 110 / 130 / 150 mm

Lengths: 400 to 2200 mm with tongue and groove

Thickness: 21 mm - widths: 70 / 90 / 110 / 140 / 170 / 190 mm

Lengths: 400 to 2200 mm,

About Chêne de l’est :

Chêne de l’Est crafts beautiful flooring that brings light, warmth and distinction to any style interior. Located in Hambach in the heart of the forest region of eastern France, Chêne de l’Est was founded in 1960 by Joseph Bach. A local carpenter, Joseph started working from a small workshop originally built by his grandfather, and from these humble beginnings Chêne de l’Est has grown to be one of the premier hardwood flooring companies in France.

Chene de l’est started as a family company and remains family owned and operated today. Joseph Bach’s four children, Raymond, Gabriel, Jean-Michel and Brigitte Eva form the management team with many other Bach family members also involved in different aspects of the operation. All share Joseph’s passion for beautiful, high quality handcrafted French Oak floors.

Chêne de l’Est is proud to offer an extensive range of both solid and engineered hardwood floors with a style and finish to enhance every décor. Our expertise and superior craftsmanship allow us to produce hardwood floors with unique textures and colors, all available with either oil or urethane finish. There are now over 100 different styles to choose from within our collections that included Smoked, Antique, Loft, Island, Sawn-Face and Metallic. Chêne de l’Est provides one of the most complete ranges of French oak solid and engineered hardwood flooring.

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