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Chêne de l'est

Distressed French Oak  | Finishing 801 

New Finishing

Product family: parquet  (hardwood flooring)  

: This new finishing is proposed in distressed french oak in solid and engineered French oak hardwood flooringOur parquets and floors evolve ceaselessly, with these very ornamental aspects we express our technicality and our know-how. The finishing 801 is very specific.They are variations of grey with an ageing effect. The effect obtained on this parquet is very sought, it is like a used wood, naturally by the years and weather conditions, similar to floated wood. The declensions of colors vary to the light grey at the dark grey. Those variations of colors are natural. Those irregularities make its so particular. The special grade associated with this finish 801 creates an alive material.The veins of the wood remain visible. The aging edges emphasize the width of blades. It is what makes all the beauty of this parquet. It’s very elegant put in Chevron pattern or in Herringbone Pattern. Proposed in engineered and in solid French oak. We supply also the cleaning products

The innovation comes from our technique, the ageing of the wood which we master in factory and which is very close to a natural ageing. Very resistant it is perfectly advisable for big trafic

Technical performances (energy consumption, sound level, durability.):

Our parquets are produced in France according to the French standards and answer the required performances.

It is an insulating material, for a healthy and well-balanced house. It contributes to the acoustic correction of a volume. It is a sustainable product . Green for an Eco house! A parquet lasts on average 70 years. It doesn’t depreciate.

Environmental performances product and/or production site, environmental label:Chêne de l’Est promotes and practices sustainable forest management, and certified by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).If you are concerned about clear cutting, deforestation and climate change, make sure you choose a hardwood flooring product that is certified by the PEFC. Chêne de l’Est guarantees that all of our flooring is made from trees taken from forests covered by sustainable management.that all of our flooring is made from trees taken from forests covered by sustainable management.

We obtained the label A + for all our finished parquets. We have the Real Wood, and CE labels.

Our hardwood floors are designed and produced in France in our four production and finishing sites… all located in Lorraine, we have a responsible eco  initiative, wood come from surrounding forests 

Discover our colors and patterns on our web site:

 Know-how and craftsmanship … Chene de l’est is a family company since 1960


Chêne de l'est  is a 40 years old family company, certified PEFC and Parquets de France. We are located in the North East of France and only work with woods from our local forests. The whole manufacturing process is made by us, from the reception of the log till the last high-end finishing.


What is your activity?

Manufacturing of solid and engineered hardwood flooring made of French oak, ready to lay.


What are your products specificities?

Most of our floors are available in both solid and engineered planking and are made in a large range of stains and finishes choice proposed in desirable lengths and widths.


Describe the strength of your company

Everything is made in our workshops and our floorings are factory finished, ready to lay. We also have the know-how to realize patterns. 


List of some hotels or contract projects you have supplied and their geographic location:

Hotel Saxony - Miami

Hotel Sant Francesc - Mallorca

Hotel Holiday - Paris Charles de Gaulle

The Pier Zéro Bar - Helsinki airport

Bibliothèque Nationale Universitaire de Strasbourg (BNU) - Strasbourg, France


Where do you produce your product(s)?

Our main production site in Hambach, North East of France

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