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Cane-line 2019 Season 

Outdoor furniture that gives you more time

Increasing people’s quality of life is quite the claim! But at Cane-line there is actually substance to it. The focus on time, reflection and communal spirit is even greater in 2019, when the Danish design company offers soft curves, gentle tones and furniture created for community-conscious connoisseurs.

Cane-line’s mission is to make life as comfortable as possible, freeing up the time you need to concentrate on the important things in life. It might sound like huge, overinflated words for a furniture company, but a visit to the heart of the company – the design department – reveals that big thoughts are actually translated into sofas, chairs, tables and textiles. “Everything that comes out of Cane-line must ultimately lead to the user having more time. Time for togetherness, time for reflection. All our furniture is, for example, developed with minimal maintenance in mind, freeing time for other, more important things in life,” says Brian Djernes, CEO of Cane-line.

Sustainable crafts development

In 2019, Cane-line is upping its focus on creating cosiness and comfortable living under open skies. The two new sofas, Space and Foam, underscore a brand-new, more relaxed style in the Cane-line universe. Soft, rounded shapes and a flexible structure that provides almost infinite set-up options. Personality is the keyword, and you set the limits.

Cane-line is also introducing a number of new, more feminine colours to soften up the often square shapes of the classic outdoor space, as well as a number of new items in teak that bring nature’s own material and a lovely golden glow into the outdoor space. Common to the entire collection is the fact that everything can be mixed and matched – a key aspect of all Cane-line designs: “We create socially responsible furniture where ethics and sustainability are incorporated into every process. Our collection mainly consists of classic furniture and colours that remain in fashion for many years, and if you want to spice things up with more colours, we launch a selection of our accessories in the trend colours of the season every year,” says Brian Djernes.

Carefully considered design

For the same reason, the two new tables, Drop and Endless, also match the rest of Cane-line’s collection, and all dining chairs are adapted to fit under all tables in the collection – the furniture is intended to go together so that all designs can be mixed and matched. It is the epitome of contemporary, classic and carefully considered design, where every detail and every possibility has been thought through 100%.

High quality indoors and out

With more than 30 years’ experience, Cane-line is a leading manufacturer of indoor and outdoor furniture for quality-conscious design lovers. The company’s roots are in Denmark, where the headquarter is located, but the exclusive furniture, which in recent years has also spread to an indoor collection, is currently sold in more than 100 countries worldwide. Life made comfortable is the essence of the furniture, which is designed and produced with great care for the environment, taking everything from the choice of materials and working conditions to energy consumption into account. For further information, visit

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