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ALBREA Blankets & Cocoons

New patent pending product released! 

Product Description

ALBREA Contemporary Blankets, Throws & Cocoons are distinguished by their unique, patent pending puckering stretchable fabric. On a quest for the perfect blanket, we created blankets that are not only beautiful & aesthetically pleasing, but are functional, easy to care for, and provide warmth, pure comfort & luxury. 

Three concepts led the design:

·       Trapping air for warmth and fullness

·       Making the user feel secure and comforted by the combination of elastic throughout very soft fabric

·       Adding a new texture and look for contemporary interior design

Our high quality is demonstrated by the amount of fabric in each throw (approximately 27 square yards in the large), our personal hand-crafted attention to detail, and the extensive sewing patterns with the ability to stretch significantly. These factors produce blankets that are "naturally weighted”, making our blankets known as the "Blanket that hugs you”, which is calming and therapeutic. They are USA sewn & hand-crafted.

The large blanket throw is 45" x 63" when lying flat, and 96" x 115" when stretched. Machine washable on cold water, regular cycle. To dry, lay flat or tumble dry on air only. 

Creativity and Use

Our blankets, throws and cocoons are simple in their purpose - warmth, comfort, enjoyment, and as an accent and textural design.

This was a series of ideas we had when wanting to create the perfect blanket. It took us 3 years to finalize our ideas into our ultimate blanket that you see now today.

The puckered design gives a textural dimension to beds, sofas, chairs, etc. that can be a focal point of a room or an inviting nook. The stretch-ability allows the blankets to form around any design element they are placed on, instantly making them feel like an organic part of the room. The high-class textural style invites petting, fondling, handling, and snuggling.

The many colors available mirror these qualities, as they can be used in nearly any interior design, are aesthetically pleasing, and still approachable. Even the choice of camoflauge color for the “man cave” was deliberate.

Old and young alike find our blankets compelling to use daily, as a way to relax and enjoy in a wonderfully addictive fashion.

Our original blanket with its ultimate weighted feeling gave birth to our "Cocoons" that stretch in every direction and envelope you. They are loved by every kid or teen that gets in one. The Cocoons are fantastic inside a sleeping bag when camping, for sleeping on the floor, and for kids and teens that just want to use them right on top of their bed.

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