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ÁBBATTE creates handmade textiles at the medieval abbey of Santa María de la Sierra. All the pieces are woven with natural fibres of the best quality. The design is based on the structural effects of these fibres. The cashmere, alpaca, alpacas and silks, wools and merino wools that ÁBBATTE uses are brought from many different places around the globe.

Every piece is hand woven slowly and looking into every detail with care and love by a group of local weavers. They create artistic objects for everyday life. First, these textiles are designed, and samples are made. After, the weaver prepares the threads and puts them on the loom ready to be weaved. After the textiles being woven, they are hand washed and finished.

ÁBBATTE's headquarters are located in the Monastery of Santa María de la Sierra on the northern side of the Guadarrama mountains in Segovia, along the border of a pine forest and an oak wood. Dating back to the 13th century, it was built in the Cistercian style, during the architectural transition between the Romanesque and Gothic style. A newly constructed space where both the workshop and the conference room are located is annexed to the Monastery.

On this same site, ÁBBATTE harvests natural plants for dyeing, that are part of a dyeing plants botanical garden. We cultivate Rubia tinctorum which was widely used throughout Castille. ÁBBATTE also offers courses, seminars and conferences on topics related to textiles, fashion, art and the philosophy and science of colour. In order to illustrate the different ages of the workshops that have been held, we have accumulated a miniature collection of historic costumes that are on display for visitors to see.

Why this place? lt is suitable for two reasons, on one hand is a place where the monastic tradition was already a place where weaving was done, on the other hand because we wanted the Cistercian ruins to be brought to life instead of being a simple architectural monument.

The ÁBBATTE team is made up by professionals with a long career in the textile world, fashion and colour, this being reflected in the beauty and subtlety of all the pieces.

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